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by Players for Players!
Join us here today! – Extend your friends list find reliable players you can count on to watch your back and to carry out the tasks of their solider classes.
Take part in special undisclosed team events.

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BattleField4Free Veteran Players

Find other serious players.

Hacked off with BattleField Play For Free Hacks, cheaters and not to mention – should be single player platform gamers!

Join us today to find other great team players via our battlefield clan forum area.

BattleField Play For Free Training

Wondering what it is to be in a game of Battle Field Play For Free and playing in a team that just owns game after game?

Then why not join a Battlefield Clan and take part in training and team events, extend your fun of this team game by finding serious players who are against hacking and play as a valuable team member.

Be the best – train with the best!

Battlefield Team Players Website

Hints tips and training for newcomers of the Battlefield Play For Free Team Game – Veteran players find other serious BP4F players – join us in team training and special events and clan vs. clan matches, click link to join the Battlefield Team Players Forum.

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Site Notice!

Monthly Clan Prizes

1st – 21000 p4f B funds

2nd – 15000 p4f B funds

3rd – 12000 p4f B funds

4th – 5000 p4f B funds

Site Viewing Tip

If the writing is too small for you on this site or in the forum then using the wheel on your mouse and holding down control "Ctrl" on your keyboard you should be able to enlarge and shrink your browser window.